The inception of the Infant Day-Care Centre took place after many factors were considered. With the need for the woman staff member to step out to work within two months of her delivery, the Infant Day-Care Centre at QITDC came into existence. QITDC is the first Child Day-Care Centre in Parbhani which caters to even two to three month old infants! It has proved to be a boon for the working mothers who have the satisfaction of watching their children looked after with extreme love and care in a clean and hygienic environment in front of their very eyes. It allows them to focus completely on their work without worrying about their children. Moreover, it allows the mothers to remain in contact with their children and also breast feed them at regular intervals. Subsequently, the need emerged for day-care facility for even older children, which was fulfilled and soon this facility was also extended to children whose mothers are not working in the Queen’s institutions as well.

The Day-Care Centre focuses on helping to enhance the child’s developmental milestones and creating a secure learning environment. There is focus on language development as well as the growth of logical thinking and reasoning capacity, motor, socio-emotional and moral development of the children. Various sensory, indoor, outdoor, story & rhyme based activities help the parent and child to learn, grow and share quality time together.