Queen’s Group of Institutions

Fauzia Khan

Queen’s Group of Institutions has made its own mark in society. Queen’s School, Parbhani, Queen’s Infant and toddler Development Centre, Parbhani, Queen’s School and Queen’s Infant and Toddler Development Centre Aurangabad, Queen’ s Junior College, Parbhani, Queen’s College of Education and Queen’s Junior College of Education, Parbhani, Queen’s College of Food Technology etc. have proved, time and again, that they are committed to quality education at all levels.

Queen’s School is the first CBSE School in the town of Parbhani. It was started in 1994 by a group of mothers in search of good quality education for their own children. It immediately gained reputation for the focus on quality. The school has been able to sustain this reputation for the last twenty four years. Moreover, it has continuously kept up its spectacular result of 100% in the class X board exams and has shaped and moulded the future of many an eminent and distinguished persona in various honourable professions. It may be considered a feat in itself that 100% of our alumni, without a single exception, have gained recognition as well-groomed, well-placed confident, capable individuals all over the world, in all these years.

Queen’s, with its meticulous planning and herculean effort has successfully been teaching the CBSE curriculum and has equipped our students for varied honourable professions where our students have been able to not only achieve the pinnacle of success but also contribute to society.

It certainly cannot be considered a co-incidence that, whenever the higher secondary results are declared and names of merit scholars of local students selected for the MBBS and other professional courses are displayed by the commercial set-up, one factor is significantly common that they are none other than Queen’s students.

Our school has continuously assured and achieved qualitative growth. The commendable efforts of our team of teachers, who motivate students to do their utmost and help them achieve their individual academic goals has resulted in hundred percent results each year and happy and successful students.

The motto of the school is ‘Towards a Healthy Personality’ and the guiding principle is ‘Be the Torch Bearers of Society’; a society that is progressive and a society that takes our town, state and nation to greater heights and places our graduates at the helm of change for the better in their various fields. Accordingly, complete emphasis is given to the development of the wholesome personality of students: Physical, intellectual, socio-emotional, moral and language development. Innumerable co-curricular and extra- curricular activities are meticulously planned and conducted. We believe and emphasize holistic development in all of our institutions and the all round development of every child matters. We encourage them not just to be thinkers, planners and philosophers but doers who go out into the world and make things happen.

It goes without saying that Queen’s School has become a benchmark of quality education for other schools in the district and has been instrumental in raising the standard of education, in general, in all other schools aspiring to offer good quality education.

The hard work, tireless effort and commitment of our well-qualified, highly capable and efficient staff is truly commendable. They can undoubtedly be called the “nurturing mothers” of every ‘Queener’. Our PTA deserves applause for all their faith and cooperation every step of the way as we go from one stepping stone to the next and closer to our goal of excellence in all round education

Together, let us continue in our effort to groom our ‘Queeners’ into individuals who can speak confidently, think logically, analyse intelligently, reason impartially, behave judiciously, act fairly, work industriously move forward successfully and make their mark upon this world