General Activities – Queen’s School

As a healthy personality also demands physical well being, we have various clubs to attain this objective for all our children. The Clubs which are organized at Queen’s are Drama, Dance, Classic music, Art and Craft, Vocal music, Fashion designing, Home management and outdoor games like Cricket, Volley ball, Basket, ball, Hand ball, kho-Kho,Kabaddi, Skatting and so on.

Academic qualification alone does not make an individual truly educated. Therefore through the multitude of extra curricular programme like planting trees, gardening, participating in rallies etc, the school provides the students very opportunity for all-round growth and development.

Queens School Sports

Parent Teacher Association – Queen’s School

Parents and teachers are the architects of the student’s life. The PTA of the school provides a platfrom for parents and teachers to meet and chalk out best course of action as per the requirements of every students.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation :- The development of a child’s personality is not just mono dimensional but is also broadly classified as tetra dimensional viz. Intellectual Development Physical Development Socio-Emotional Development Spiritual / Moral Development Therefore the evaluation of development of these aspects of personality is also essential.

Parents Meet - Queens School

Tours & Field Trips – Queen’s School

Students are taken on field trips, which are organized according to the subject and need. Picnics and excursions to gain feet-on-the ground experience and understanding Nature are routinely organized. The students are required to take care of themselves during these trips and they thus learn to find for themselves, become more confident, self disciplined and independent.

Tours & Field Trips – Queen’s School